Northern Growlights: HS1 LED – Revolutionizing Indoor Plant Growth

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Growing plants indoors has become increasingly popular, especially with the advancements in LED grow light technology. One particular brand that stands out is Gro Northern HS1 LED Grow Light. This energy-efficient, high-performance light delivers a suitable spectrum of light to support the growth and development of plants across various stages.

The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light uses quality components, such as Philips Rebel LEDs, which provide optimal light output while maintaining low power consumption. Furthermore, the fixture offers a specialized cooling solution, ensuring the longevity of both the LEDs and the unit itself. With its user-friendly design, the HS1 LED grow light allows for easy installation and operation, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of plant types and applications.


We are excited to introduce you to the Gro Northern HS1 LED grow lights. Grow Northern is a UK biosystems engineering company that specializes in photo-bio lighting solutions. They design and manufacture LED grow lights for various applications, including horticulture, green wastewater management, commercial flora culture, and urban food gardens.

The HS1 LED grow light is an energy-efficient lighting solution designed for small-scale home growers and hobbyists. It operates at around 180 watts, providing excellent performance while consuming significantly less energy than traditional 400-watt HPS grow lights. This not only helps save on electricity costs but also reduces the environmental impact of growing plants indoors.

One of the innovative features of the HS1 LED grow light is the use of a holographic diffuser in its optical system. This holographic series has a specially engineered microstructure optic that maintains light within the beam angle while producing a highly homogeneous spread of light. This technology ensures uniform distribution, allowing plants to grow more evenly and efficiently.

When it comes to results, the Gro Northern HS1 LED grow light performs on par with a 400-watt HPS light. Budding and flowering plants thrive under this grow light, as it effectively mimics natural sunlight. This seamless transition from traditional to LED grow systems has made the Gro Northern HS1 LED grow light popular among home growers and hobbyists alike.

In summary, the Gro Northern HS1 LED grow light offers numerous benefits for those wanting energy-efficient and effective indoor lighting solutions. With a unique holographic diffuser for uniform light distribution and notable performance for lower wattage, it is an excellent option for various types of indoor gardening projects.

Performance and Efficiency

PAR and Intensity

When evaluating the performance of the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light, it’s important to consider the amount of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) produced by the light. PAR is measured in Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) and indicates the amount of light energy produced within the usable spectrum for plant growth. Another crucial factor is the amount of PAR that reaches the plants, measured in Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) 1. The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light uses high-performance Philips Rebel LEDs 2 that are known for their efficiency and intensity, making this grow light a reliable choice.

Wattage and Consumption

As growers, we know that energy consumption matters. The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light operates at around 180 watts 3, which is significantly lower than many traditional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. This lower wattage does not compromise the light output, as high-efficient LEDs produce more light per watt than older grow light technologies 4. We can confidently say that the HS1 LED grow light delivers powerful performance while keeping energy consumption low.


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Design and Features

Reflector and Diffusers

The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light features a unique reflector design, which aims to enhance the light coverage and intensity. This is achieved by using holographic technology that allows the light to spread evenly and efficiently across the plants’ canopy. The reflector is combined with diffusers, which help soften the light, avoiding hotspots or overly intense light, ensuring optimum growth conditions for your plants.

Cooling System

We designed the HS1 LED grow light with a built-in cooling system, keeping the light fixture operating at a safe temperature. This is accomplished by incorporating a high-quality fan inside the unit, which works to dissipate heat generated by the LED chips. The fan is strategically placed to provide comprehensive airflow across the entire fixture, maintaining a cool and stable operation.

Noise Level

To ensure a comfortable growing environment, minimizing the noise produced by the cooling system has been one of our priorities. Our HS1 LED grow light operates at a low noise level, which allows for a more discreet and quiet growing experience. We understand the importance of maintaining a calm and peaceful environment for both hobbyists and professional growers, and our HS1 LED grow light aims to provide just that.

Light Spectrum and Coverage

When it comes to the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights, several aspects play a crucial role in plant growth. Let’s discuss two critical factors: white light and SED, as well as their coverage area.

White Light and SED

The Grow Northern HS1 LED utilizes white light in its spectrum, which is important for plant growth. White light, a combination of red, blue, and green wavelengths, helps promote photosynthesis as well as overall plant health.

One critical aspect of white light is the Spectral Energy Distribution (SED), which determines the specific amounts of each color wavelength emitted by the light source. The SED plays a critical role in enhancing plant growth and development since different colors within the spectrum can trigger specific plant responses. For example, blue wavelengths are essential for promoting vegetative growth and regulating photosynthesis, while red light boosts flowering and fruit production.

The HS1 LED’s white light ensures that the spectrum incorporates the necessary wavelengths for optimal plant growth, resulting in improved crop quality.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of the HS1 LED grow light is another factor crucial to the growth of your plants. A proper coverage area ensures that all plants receive adequate and equal amounts of light, promoting uniform growth, and minimizing the risk of overlapping shadows that can hinder growth.

With Grow Northern’s HS1 LED grow light, the recommended coverage area depends on its wattage. It’s important to calculate the LED wattage requirements before deciding on the number of lights you need. For example, if your plants require 20-30 watts per square foot, and you have a 4′ x 4′ canopy, it entails 320-480 watts of grow lighting. You can refer to this guide for more details on calculating grow light coverage.

Understanding and considering factors such as light spectrum, SED, and coverage area helps you effectively use the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights for your plants’ optimal growth.

Suitable Plants and Applications


Cannabis plants require a specific light spectrum and intensity to grow optimally. The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light is an excellent choice for this purpose because it provides a full spectrum of light suited for various stages of cannabis growth. Additionally, the low heat output and energy efficiency of LED lights make them ideal for maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels in your grow area.

For vegetative growth, we recommend placing the HS1 LED grow light about 24-30 inches above the top of the cannabis plants and running the light for 18 hours per day. As you transition the plants into the flowering stage, we suggest reducing the daylight period to 12 hours and lowering the light further to 18-24 inches above the plants. Following these guidelines will help ensure healthy and productive cannabis plants.


Orchids are another plant species that can greatly benefit from the use of Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights. These beautiful flowering plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight, and the full-spectrum HS1 LED light can be adjusted to replicate these conditions.

When growing orchids, it’s important to select a suitable medium and pot size to accommodate their unique root systems. Next, place the HS1 LED light approximately 18-24 inches above the orchids and run the light for 12-14 hours per day. Keep in mind that different orchid species may have specific requirements in terms of light intensity and duration, so it is essential to research the needs of your particular orchid variety.

Using the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light for both cannabis and orchid cultivation can lead to healthier, happier plants. By understanding the unique light requirements of each plant species and adjusting the usage of the HS1 light accordingly, we can optimize grow conditions and enhance the overall growing experience for a wide range of indoor plant enthusiasts.

Installation and Operation

Grow Tent Setup

Setting up your Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light in a grow tent is an essential step in ensuring optimal performance. Begin by properly positioning and hanging the light inside your grow tent. It’s crucial to maintain an adequate distance between the light and the plants to prevent heat stress and light burn. For most plants, you can start with the HS1 light suspended 24-30 inches above the canopy.

In a home or greenhouse environment, it’s important to consider factors like temperature, humidity, and ventilation. To maintain these conditions, you can use fans, humidifiers, and other climate control devices alongside your LED light.

Auto and Manual Modes

The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light provides two different operating modes: Auto and Manual.

Auto Mode allows for a streamlined, hassle-free grow-light experience. In this setting, the light automatically adjusts its intensity levels based on a preset daily schedule. This ensures that your plants receive the most suitable light levels at different stages of growth without the need for manual adjustments.

Manual Mode gives you full control over the light’s output, enabling you to adjust the light intensity and spectrum according to your specific preferences or growing needs. In this mode, you have the flexibility to make changes according to the plant’s requirements during different stages of growth, such as increasing the intensity for the flowering stage or adjusting the light spectrum for specific plant strains.

With these two modes, the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light allows you to efficiently operate and manage your lighting setup, whether it’s in a grow tent, home, or greenhouse setting. By understanding the correct way to install and operate your HS1 light, you can provide a healthy and productive growing environment for your plants.

Purchasing Information

When it comes to purchasing Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights, there are several options to consider, such as buying online from popular retailers like Amazon. We also have some recommendations that can help you make an informed decision.

Buying from Amazon

Purchasing Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights from Amazon is a convenient option, as it allows you to compare prices, read reviews from other customers, and benefit from fast shipping and reliable customer service. Although we don’t have the exact price for the HS1 LED grow light on Amazon, you can expect similar products to be priced around $250-$300 as mentioned on This Old House. Make sure to check the product’s listing for the most up-to-date pricing and availability.


Here are a few recommendations to consider when purchasing Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights:

  • Research: Learn about the specific features and benefits of the HS1 LED grow light, such as its 75W actual power consumption, as mentioned on Understanding the product’s capabilities will ensure it meets your growing needs.
  • Full-spectrum: Look for LED grow lights with full-spectrum capabilities, as these systems provide plants with all the necessary light wavelengths, including blues, reds, infrared, and ultraviolet, according to HTG Supply. Full-spectrum grow lights can help optimize plant growth and development.
  • Energy efficiency: Prioritize grow lights that are energy-efficient, like LED lights, to save on electricity costs and minimize heat output. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and lower heat emission compared to other lighting systems, as stated by LumiGrowth.

By considering these factors when purchasing Grow Northern HS1 LED grow lights, you’ll be well-equipped to create an optimal growing environment for your plants.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

When using Gro Northern HS1 LED grow lights, it’s crucial to maintain a safe environment and follow proper maintenance procedures to ensure optimum plant growth and light efficiency. In this section, we’ll discuss essential maintenance and safety tips, focusing on water and the environment.


LED grow lights produce less heat than traditional HID grow lights, which means there is a lower risk of water evaporation. However, maintaining proper water management is still crucial. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Monitor and maintain the humidity levels within the growing space. Too high humidity can cause mold and mildew growth, while too low humidity can lead to plant stress.
  • Give the plants appropriate amounts of water depending on their specific needs. Over or under-watering can result in various growth issues or even plant death.


A well-maintained environment is essential for any grow operation. Ensuring a clean, safe, and controlled environment for your plants will promote healthy growth and a successful yield. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Regularly inspect and clean the fan and air filters to maintain good airflow and prevent dust buildup.
  • Keep the growing area clean and free of debris. Remove fallen leaves and dead plant material as these can harbor pests and diseases.
  • Make sure there is proper temperature control within the growing space. LED lights generate less heat, but room temperature should still be regulated to maintain the ideal conditions for plant growth.
  • Periodically check your lights for any dust or dirt buildup on the LED chips. Gently clean the chips, if necessary, with a soft, dry cloth to maintain optimum light output and efficiency.

By following these maintenance and safety tips, we can ensure the best possible performance from our Gro Northern HS1 LED grow lights and support the optimal growth of our plants.

Other Gro Northern Lighting Products

In addition to the popular HS1 LED grow light, Gro Northern offers a range of high-quality lighting products to cater to different growing needs. Our products are designed with the utmost care, ensuring that your plants receive the optimum spectrum of wavelengths for growth and development.

One of our noteworthy products is the Grow Northern MS006 LED. It has been praised for its performance and is particularly suitable for smaller grow spaces. This light fixture has proven to be an excellent choice for both hobbyists and professional growers.

We also take pride in using eco-friendly materials and advanced technologies, such as the Philips Rebel and LEDengine specialized infrared LEDs in our lighting products. These high-performance LEDs are combined with intelligent data handling and driven by a Philips Xitanium Digital driver, enabling smooth and precise functionality.

As a UK biosystems engineering company, we not only cater to horticulture applications but also provide lighting solutions for bio-manufacturing and waste-water management. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability allows us to serve various industries that share our dedication to creating a greener future.

We understand that each growing setup has unique requirements; thus, our diverse product offerings cater to various growing spaces, plant types, and budgets. By choosing Gro Northern lighting products, you can be confident that you are getting a trustworthy, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting solution to meet your specific needs.


We’ve analyzed the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light and delved into its features and performance. The HS1 LED unit is an interesting choice for those seeking an energy-efficient and cooler-running alternative to traditional HPS grow lights. As stated in a Dope Smoker review, this light runs at around 180 watts and produces similar results to a 400 HPS system, with the added benefit of more colorful buds.

The Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light’s holographic series is a unique design that sets it apart from others in the market. According to a discussion on, the 75w (actual) light comes at a price of around GBP 350 (USD 530) and offers innovative features not commonly found in other grow lights.

When it comes to the light spectrum it covers, the HS1 provides both red and blue spectrums, as well as infrared and ultraviolet lighting. These properties play a crucial role in supporting the various growth stages of plants, including photosynthesis and bud blooming. A Trimleaf guide highlights the importance of a full-spectrum LED light for optimal growth and results, and the HS1 certainly fits this criterion.

In terms of versatility, the HS1 can be used in various growing setups, including home, greenhouse, and commercial applications. It has been demonstrated in real-world use, as seen in a 55L DWC grow report, where the user experienced positive results with the addition of a second HS1 LED unit in their system.

In conclusion, the Grow Northern HS1 LED grow light offers an innovative design, a full-spectrum light system, and energy efficiency making it a prime candidate for those looking to improve their indoor growing endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do HS1 LED grow lights compare to other brands?

We understand that there are many LED grow lights available on the market, and it's essential to find the one best suited for your needs. HS1 LED grow lights stand out due to their high-efficiency design and optimal spectrum for plant growth. They are known for their durability and long lifespan, making them a dependable choice for your growing needs.

Where can I find reviews for Gro Northern HS1 LED grow lights?

When considering HS1 LED grow lights, it's important to hear from users who have experience with this product. You can find helpful reviews on specialized forums and online communities where growers share their experiences, opinions, and recommendations about various grow lights, including the Gro Northern HS1 LED lights.

What is the wattage of Gro Northern HS1 LED lights?

The wattage of Gro Northern HS1 LED grow lights varies depending on the model. As an example, the HS1 Propagation LED grow light has an actual power draw of 22.8 watts. Make sure to check the specifications for the specific model you are interested in to ensure it meets your requirements.

How efficient are HS1 LED grow lights for plant growth?

HS1 LED grow lights have been designed to deliver optimal results in plant growth. Their energy-efficient design means they consume less power while providing adequate light intensity for your plants. This combination of efficiency and performance makes them a popular choice among growers looking to maximize their yield while minimizing energy costs.

What is the optimal distance between plants and HS1 LED grow lights?

The ideal distance between plants and HS1 LED grow lights will vary depending on factors such as the stage of plant growth and the specific light model. In general, a distance of 18-24 inches is recommended for most plants during vegetative growth, while a distance of 12-18 inches may be suitable during the flowering phase. It's essential to monitor and adjust the distance to avoid light burn and ensure optimal light coverage for your plants.

How do various color spectrums of HS1 LED lights affect plant growth?

HS1 LED grow lights have been designed with a full-spectrum light output that closely mimics natural sunlight, promoting healthy plant growth and robust yields. The various color spectrums provided by these LEDs are crucial for different stages of plant growth. For example, blue light is essential for vegetative growth, while red light is more important during the flowering stage. The full-spectrum design of HS1 LED lights ensures your plants receive the right balance of light wavelengths to support their growth throughout the entire lifecycle.
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