Advanced Platinum P900 Review (Comprehensive Test)

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Today’s article is an Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W review.

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light is a high-performance option for both hobbyists and professionals looking to cultivate plants indoors. This powerful grow light offers an exceptional balance between energy efficiency, spectral output, and coverage area that can significantly impact the overall growth and health of your plants. With its dual veg/flower full spectrum and various features, the P900 aims to cater to the unique light requirements necessary for different stages of plant growth.

Designed with a 90-degree focusing lens, the P900 is capable of penetrating deep beneath the canopy, ensuring optimal light distribution and absorption. It also includes a two-phase switcher that allows users to easily transition between veg and bloom stages, providing the appropriate light intensity and spectral output for each phase. This grow light not only excels in design and components but also offers great value for investment when compared to other grow lights in the market.

Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W

LED Grow Light Technology

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W is a high-quality LED grow light designed for both professional and hobbyist growers. The P900 uses cutting-edge USA LED technology to deliver a powerful and energy-efficient light source tailored to promote plant growth. With 12 different bands of light, this comprehensive spectrum ensures that plants receive the necessary wavelengths of light for their vegetative and bloom phases.

The P900 features a dual-switch system, allowing growers to customize the light intensity for both the vegetative and blooming stages of plant development. This feature enables us to optimize the light conditions and ensure the highest possible yield.

Power and Efficiency

With 900W of power, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 is notably reliable in delivering excellent brightness and intensity. Despite its high wattage, the P900 remains energy-efficient, using only a fraction of the energy consumed by other traditional grow lights, like HPS bulbs. The LED’s efficiency not only reduces our power usage but also minimizes the heat output, thus decreasing the need for additional cooling systems.

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 boasts an impressive 100,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, providing us with confidence in the long-term performance and durability of this LED grow light. In terms of coverage, the P900 can effectively provide sufficient light for an area of up to 6×4 feet.

When considering the power, efficiency, and advanced features of the Advanced Platinum Series P900, this LED grow light is an investment worth making. The unparalleled performance and customizable settings ensure that our plants will receive optimal light conditions throughout their life cycle.

Spectral Output and Performance

In this section, we will discuss the spectral output and performance of the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light. This high-quality grow light offers many great features, including a 12-band full spectrum output, exceptional PAR and lumen output, and 100% usable light for your plants.

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Full Spectrum Light

The P900 900W LED grow light provides a complete 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR. This comprehensive light spectrum ensures that your plants receive the most efficient and effective light for both vegetative growth and flowering stages. The full spectrum light promotes stronger and healthier growth, ultimately resulting in higher yields.

PAR and Lumen Output

One notable feature of the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W is its highest PAR/lumen output per watt among LED grow lights. This efficiency leads to superior growth and yield for your plants without wasting any electricity.

When it comes to PAR and lumen output, this grow light outperforms many of its competitors. Its powerful and efficient lights provide greater intensity, which is crucial for successful vegetative growth and flowering.

Our P900 900W LED grow light ensures that your plants receive 100% usable light across all 12 bands of the spectrum. This feature maximizes photosynthetic response and contributes to better overall plant growth and health.

In conclusion, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light stands out as a remarkable solution for indoor gardening enthusiasts seeking comprehensive spectral coverage and optimal performance for their plants. With its full spectrum output and unparalleled PAR/lumen output per watt, this grow light ensures that your plants receive the most efficient and effective light for their growth, ultimately leading to higher yields and thriving plants.

Coverage and Quality

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W offers excellent coverage and quality for various indoor growing needs. It has a core coverage area of 4′ x 4′ at 18″ height which is suitable for most small-scale growing setups. Moreover, its max coverage reaches up to 6′ x 6′, making it versatile for larger space requirements.

Initially, we acknowledge that different stages of plant growth have diverse lighting needs. With this in mind, the P900 900W features a switch for veg/bloom stages providing appropriate lighting for seamless plant development. It also means you can adjust the coverage and intensity based on your plant’s growth stage.

One aspect that ensures the quality of this product is its advanced US LED technology. This technology enables the P900 to deliver an optimal blend of 12-band full-spectrum light, imitating natural sunlight as closely as possible. Consequently, your plants receive the best possible light quality throughout their life cycle, ensuring optimal growth and yield.

As the height of the light plays a key role in determining coverage, we would like to highlight that the P900 900W comes with a sturdy hanging system. This allows for easy height adjustment, ensuring that your plants receive adequate light at the right distance. By adapting the height, you can achieve the ideal coverage for your specific plant setup.

In the market, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W stands out due to its premium features and capabilities. Its build quality, coupled with outstanding coverage and lighting, makes it a highly coveted product for indoor growers seeking top performance and efficiency.

Design and Components

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light has an impressive design, incorporating cutting-edge technology and components to offer a versatile and efficient solution for indoor growing. In this section, we will discuss some of its main features, namely the Switches and Lenses, and Cooling and Ventilation.

Switches and Lenses

The P900 grow light comes with dual switches for veg/flower stages, allowing growers to customize light output according to the specific needs of their plants. By simply flipping the switch, one can optimize spectral output for either vegetative growth or the blooming stage. This level of control ensures that plants receive the right light spectrum at every stage of their life cycle, promoting optimal growth and yield.

Another noteworthy feature of this grow light is its secondary focusing lenses. The dual-focusing lens technology ensures that the light penetrates deep into the plant canopy, providing optimal coverage and light intensity. The focusing lenses work together to distribute light evenly and reduce the loss of intensity, improving overall light penetration and efficiency.

Cooling and Ventilation

The P900 LED grow light is not only powerful but also designed for excellent cooling and ventilation. It incorporates high-speed whisper-quiet fans as its cooling solution, which effectively maintains optimal operating temperature without creating a noisy environment for the grower. These fans ensure that the light stays cool even when operating continuously for long periods.

In addition to the fans, the P900 grow light features upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. These heat sinks not only help with heat dissipation but also prolong the lifespan of the LED chips. The combination of fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks make this grow light an excellent choice for growers looking to maintain a stable temperature while providing their plants with powerful illumination.

To make the most of its design and components, the P900 grow light comes in convenient dimensions, with an easy-to-install design that fits a variety of indoor growing spaces. The light’s width, length, and overall structure ensure that it delivers maximum efficiency and coverage without occupying excessive space or creating clutter in the growing area. Overall, the P900 LED grow light offers a reliable, high-quality solution for indoor growers in need of powerful, efficient, and versatile lighting.

Value and Investment

When considering the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light, it is essential to evaluate both the value and investment this product provides. In terms of cost, this grow light is an investment that may save you money in the long run, as it can easily replace a 1000W HPS light, potentially reducing your electricity bill.

One of the most impressive features of this LED grow light is its lifespan. With a 100,000-hour lifespan and a 5-year warranty, you can be confident in the durability and longevity of this product. This lengthy warranty not only ensures that your investment is protected but also demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of their product.

Additionally, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, providing reassurance if you are not completely satisfied with the product. This satisfaction guarantee is another testament to the value this grow light brings to your indoor garden.

The cutting-edge US LED technology incorporated in the P900 also offers superior coverage, strength, and efficiency. The built-in ventilation fans and large aluminum cooling sinks further enhance its performance, making this a valuable addition to your growing setup.

In conclusion, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light is a worthwhile investment for those looking to optimize their indoor growing environment. The combination of cost savings, a long lifespan, a 5-year warranty, and industry-leading design features make this product a valuable addition to any grower’s toolkit.

Additional Features

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light offers a range of useful features that make it stand out from other grow lights on the market. One of these features is its daisy chain capability. This allows for easy and convenient expansion of your grow setup as you can connect multiple P900s using the included power cords without the need for additional power outlets.

Another notable feature is the dual light spectrum this LED grow light provides. It’s equipped with a switch that allows users to change between the Veg and Bloom stages, making it suitable for the entire plant growth cycle. The Veg stage provides a cooler spectrum of light for seedlings and vegetative growth, while the Bloom stage emits a warmer spectrum for the flowering and fruiting phase.

When it comes to LED quantity, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 boasts impressive 300 x 3W LED bulbs, which are exclusively US manufactured. These high-quality bulbs offer cutting-edge LED technology and contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of the grow light. Alongside these bulbs, the P900 also includes built-in ventilation fans and large aluminum cooling sinks to ensure optimal temperature management within the grow space.

In summary, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light offers a range of beneficial features, including daisy chain capabilities, dual light spectrums for different growth stages, and a large quantity of US-manufactured LED bulbs, making it an excellent choice for indoor growers seeking a powerful and versatile lighting setup.

Comparison to Other Grow Lights

When examining the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W grow light, we can confidently say that it stands out amongst its competitors within the industry. This powerful grow light serves as an excellent 1000W HPS replacement, allowing for significant savings in electricity costs.

We have found that the P900 boasts a 1000W output while consuming only 515W of electricity, making it nearly 50% more efficient than traditional grow lights. This efficiency ensures that when your plants are in the veg stage, they won’t require as much light, conserving energy and resources.

Another noteworthy aspect of the P900 is its use of high-quality Bridgelux LEDs, which further establishes the grow light’s superiority in performance and durability. These US-made LEDs contribute to the strength and reliability of the P900 compared to other options on the market.

In terms of coverage, the P900 provides an impressive veg coverage of 6’x4′ at an 18″ height and bloom coverage of 5’x3.5′. This wide coverage area ensures that your plants receive even and adequate lighting during each stage of growth. Furthermore, the P900 features dual focusing lenses angled at 90 and 60 degrees, making it uniquely equipped to focus a total of 900W across the coverage area. This efficient light distribution promotes optimal growth and high yields for your plants.

In conclusion, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W grow light surpasses the performance and efficiency of its competitors within the HID and HPS categories. The P900 provides a practical and energy-saving alternative for growers looking to maximize their plants’ growth and overall health.

User Experience and Other Reviews

In our research, we found numerous customer reviews highlighting the performance and quality of the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W grow light. Many users have praised its ability to replace a 1000W HPS light, saving them a considerable amount on electricity costs. The light output is said to be incredible, perfect for both flowering and vegetative stages, and it operates quietly.

Reviewers appreciate the 12-band full spectrum that this grow light provides, as it covers the entire range from UV to IR, giving plants 100% usable light. This is the most complete and efficient spectral output currently available on the market, making it an excellent choice for serious growers.

Customers have also noted that the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W comes with a 5-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction or return guarantee. This offers assurance in the quality of the product and the commitment of the manufacturer to provide excellent customer service.

However, it’s worth considering that some users find the price point to be quite high. Despite this, the investment in cutting-edge LED technology and its long lifespan of 100,000 hours are factors that justify the price for many.

When it comes to potential drawbacks, a few customers have reported issues related to light hanging too low with the provided wire setup. This could be a concern if you’re working with limited vertical space in your growing area. Nonetheless, most users seem to be very satisfied with the performance of the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W grow light.

Final Thoughts

We believe the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W is a formidable option for serious indoor growers. Its cutting-edge US LED technology and great coverage make it an efficient choice for various stages of plant growth.

The P900 comes with a built-in switch for veg/bloom stages, providing tailored lighting for your plants’ needs. The addition of built-in ventilation fans and large aluminum cooling sinks helps maintain the ideal temperature for optimum growth. Furthermore, the impressive 100,000-hour lifespan and 5-year warranty offer peace of mind to growers investing in this high-quality LED grow light.

However, as our review shows, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. First and foremost, the installation of the P900 can be challenging, especially for beginners. Additionally, the higher price tag might be a deterrent for some growers. While we understand that quality often comes at a premium, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the benefits specific to your growing needs.

In summary, the Advanced Platinum Series P900 900W LED grow light is a reliable, powerful, and efficient option for indoor growers. Its versatile features, such as the veg/bloom switch and built-in cooling system, make it an attractive choice for those seeking to optimize their yields. Considering its performance and durability, we believe the P900 is a valuable investment for professional and hobbyist growers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power consumption of the P900?

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 consumes approximately 279 watts during its normal operation. It is designed to be energy-efficient while still providing a high intensity and optimal spectrum for your plants.

How does the P900 compare to P300 and P450 models?

The P900 is more powerful than the P300 and P450 models, offering a higher intensity of light and a wider coverage area. This makes it suitable for larger grow setups and plants that require more intense light. While it consumes more power compared to the P300 and P450 models, the P900's efficiency remains impressive with its cutting-edge LED technology.

What is the coverage area for the P900?

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 provides a coverage area of 4 feet by 6 feet during the vegetative growth stage and 3 feet by 5 feet during the flowering stage. This makes it ideal for larger grow spaces, offering ample light for your plants to thrive.

How many growth stages does the P900 support?

The P900 supports two key growth stages: the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. It features a switch that allows you to change the light settings between these stages, ensuring that your plants receive the appropriate spectra for optimal growth at each stage.

What is the warranty period for the P900?

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 comes with a 5-year warranty, demonstrating the confidence in the quality and performance of this LED grow light. In addition to the warranty, the P900 has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, making it a long-lasting investment for your grow space.

Can the P900 be daisy-chained with other lights?

Yes, the P900 can be daisy-chained with other lights in the Advanced Platinum Series. This allows you to easily expand your grow setup without the need for additional power cords or electrical outlets. Connecting multiple lights from the series helps provide consistent illumination across your entire grow area, ensuring that all your plants receive adequate light.
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